ING. Adi Dibra

Building a Frame Relay topology with Remote offices :
* This topology does not have an Internet Access

           1.  Configuration of Router 3800 series and Router 1800 series include:
                      -  Configure initial features (hostname, SSH, passwords)
                      -  Configure the Serial interfaces 
                      -  Configure the Frame Relay protocol
                      -  Configure the DLCI for each subinterface
                      -  Configure ACLs
                      -  Configure Static Routing
         2.  Configuration of Cisco ASA 5520
                      -  Configure the 4 interfaces (Server DMZ, Management DMZ, Outside, Inside)
                      -  Configure DNS services 
                      -  Configure ACLs  
                      -  Configure Static Routing
                      -  Configure NAT/PAT


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